11 Australian Slang Terms That Will Confuse Any Outsider

Discover the quirky and confusing world of Australian slang with our guide to 11 terms that might just leave outsiders scratching their heads. Dive into the distinct language culture of Australia and learn expressions that are as uniquely Australian as a kangaroo on a beach.

An abstract representation of 11 unknown symbols that symbolize Australian slang terms. Since people are not to be included, please represent each term as an abstract object or design. The symbols are comfortably spaced across the image, allowing each to stand out. The setting is an Australian outback landscape - rusty red soil, sparse vegetation and a big, blue partly cloudy sky. This image has a light-hearted, playful aura, to embody the nature of these slang words.

Introduction to Australian Slang

Understanding a countrys slang is a gateway to its culture, and Australia is no exception. With its laid-back vibe and rich history, Australian lingo is both endearing and baffling, featuring a collection of colourful phrases unlike anywhere else in the world.

What is Slang?

Slang consists of informal words and expressions that are typically used in casual speech. Its a way for people to establish a sense of community and identity. In Australia, slang also reflects the humour and creativity of the Australian language.

Significance of Slang in Australian Culture

Australian slang, or ‘Strine’ as it’s affectionately known, is an essential part of the nation’s identity. It conveys mateship and egalitarianism, values which are strongly held throughout the country. But for those not from ‘Down Under,’ Aussie expressions can be confusing.

List of Confusing Australian Slang Terms

  1. Arvo: Afternoon. ‘Lets meet this arvo at three.’
  2. Budgie smugglers: Men’s swimwear. ‘Check out his colourful budgie smugglers!’
  3. Chook: Chicken. ‘Were having roasted chook for dinner.’
  4. Deadset: Absolutely or definitely. ‘Are you deadset on going bushwalking tomorrow?’
  5. Esky: Cooler. ‘Dont forget to pack the esky with some coldies!’
  6. Fair dinkum: Genuine or true. ‘That story is fair dinkum.’
  7. Grog: Alcohol. ‘We need to pick up some grog for the barbie.’
  8. Mozzie: Mosquito. ‘Better put on some repellent to keep the mozzies away.’
  9. Pash: A passionate kiss. ‘I saw them having a massive pash behind the school.’
  10. Servo: Service or petrol station. ‘Lets stop at the next servo to fill up.’
  11. Thongs: Flip-flops. ‘Don’t forget to bring your thongs to the beach.’

Using Aussie Slang in Everyday Life

Now that weve delved into some classic Aussie slang, how can you use them in real life? These phrases can spice up your conversations and help you blend in with the locals. But be warned some slang can be seen as too informal or even offensive in certain contexts, so always gauge the situation before dropping a slang bomb.

Where to Learn More Australian Slang

If youre planning a trip to Australia or just want to impress your Aussie friends, there are resources like books and websites dedicated to the nuances of Australian slang. Familiarize yourself with the terms before you travel ‘ this way, youll not only understand the locals but also participate in the unique and humorous Australian banter.


Embracing Australian slang is more than just learning new phrases; its about getting a glimpse into the Aussie sprit and way of life. Whether you’re in the land down under or simply indulging in Aussie culture from afar, these eleven terms will give you a fair go at understanding true blue Australian English.

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