10 Gifts to Bring to a Hawaiian Luau

Discover the top gifts to bring to a Hawaiian luau that will not only show your admiration for Polynesian culture but also delight your hosts. Dive into this tropical guide for the perfect luau-present ideas.

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An arrangement of 10 distinct Hawaiian themed gifts, free of text and people. 1. A beautifully wrapped box of macadamia nuts. 2. A traditional Hawaiian lei with vibrant, lush colorful flowers. 3. A handcrafted ukulele made from koa wood. 4. A bottle of tropical Hawaiian honey. 5. A set of hand-painted Hawaiian-style ceramic mugs. 6. A chic beach bag with a hibiscus flower pattern. 7. A pineapple shaped candle. 8. A woven basket filled with freshly picked, tropical fruits. 9. An elegant sarong with a Hawaiian print. 10. A bottle of locally sourced, Hawaiian coconut oil.

Introduction to Hawaiian Luaus

Attending a Hawaiian luau is an experience filled with tradition, culture, and the aloha spirit. When invited to such a festive gathering, it is customary to bring a gift that reflects your gratitude and appreciation for the Hawaiian culture. The right gift can enhance the communal experience and show respect for the hosts traditions.

Traditional Hawaiian Gifts

  • Lei – A lei is a symbol of affection and is perfect for greeting your hosts. Opt for fresh flowers like plumerias or orchids.
  • Kukui Nut Bracelet or Necklace – These carry historical significance and represent light and protection.

Culinary Delights

  • Macadamia Nuts – A bag of locally-sourced macadamia nuts provides a taste of Hawaiian flavor.
  • Poi – This traditional staple made from taro root is a thoughtful and authentic gift.

Crafts and Cultural Artifacts

  • Hawaiian Quilt – Handmade quilts showcase beautiful patterns and craftsmanship.
  • Ukulele – A small ukulele serves as a wonderful memento and can even spark a singalong at the event.

Hawaiian Apparel

  • Aloha Shirt or Muumuu – Traditional Hawaiian clothing is both a practical and fashionable gift.
  • Sarong or Pareo – These versatile garments are perfect for the Hawaiian beach lifestyle.

Art and Decor

  • Hawaiian-themed Painting – Choose artwork that captures the island’s scenery for a stunning visual gift.
  • Koa Wood Carvings – Koa wood is native to Hawaii and is often crafted into beautiful decorative items.

Eco-friendly Options

  • Reusable Tote Bag – A tote with Hawaiian motifs encourages sustainability and is extremely useful.
  • Bamboo Utensils – Environmentally friendly and practical, bamboo utensil sets reflect a commitment to green living.

Experiential and Activity Gifts

  • Surf Lesson Vouchers – Give the gift of adventure with lessons from a local surf instructor.
  • Luau Tickets – Offering tickets to another luau is a way to extend the festive experience.

Botanical Gifts

  • Tropical Plants – Gifting a potted hibiscus or orchid can bring a bit of Hawaiian flora into the home.
  • Essential Oils – Scents like plumeria or pikake are great for those who want to take the essence of the islands with them.

Gifts for Keiki (Children)

  • Beach Toys – Fun for kids at the luau and beyond, beach toys are always appreciated.
  • Hawaiian Children’s Books – Stories that teach about the culture and language are wonderful for young minds.


Choosing the right gift for a Hawaiian luau is about understanding and respecting the culture. Whether it is a hand-crafted item, a treat to savor, or a piece of clothing to wear, your gift will be a token of aloha that enhances the communal joy and spirit of the occasion.

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