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6 Exciting Easter Basket Ideas for Young Children


Easter baskets are a delightful tradition that brings excitement and joy to children. This guide showcases six unique and engaging Easter basket ideas, each designed to captivate and delight the little ones in your life this Easter.

Idea #1: Classic Candy Basket

Create a classic candy basket filled with Easter-themed chocolates from Lindt or Ghirardelli, colorful jelly beans from Jelly Belly, and soft marshmallow Peeps. Personalize it with some of their favorite candies for an extra special touch.

Idea #2: Educational Toy Basket

Assemble a basket brimming with educational toys such as wooden puzzles from Melissa & Doug, interactive books from LeapFrog, and creative craft kits from Crayola. These gifts provide fun and foster learning and creativity in young minds.

Idea #3: Outdoor Adventure Basket

For children who adore the outdoors, fill a basket with items like a durable jump rope, vibrant sidewalk chalk from Crayola, and eco-friendly bubbles. It’s the perfect way to encourage outdoor play and adventure.

Idea #4: DIY Crafts Basket

A DIY crafts basket loaded with coloring books, a variety of stickers, and art supplies from Faber-Castell can offer hours of creative entertainment. It’s an excellent avenue for children to express their artistic talents.

Idea #5: Themed Toy Basket

Select a theme your child is passionate about, such as dinosaurs or fairy tales, and fill the basket with related toys and accessories. Find themed items from brands like LEGO or Disney for a basket that truly aligns with their current interests.

Idea #6: Snack and Healthy Treats Basket

Opt for a healthier basket with tasty snacks like organic fruit snacks from Annie’s, yogurt-covered raisins, and homemade granola bars, complemented with a few traditional Easter treats.


These six Easter basket ideas encompass a diverse range of themes and items, from sweet treats to educational toys, ensuring there’s something special for every child. Each basket idea is a unique and joyful way to celebrate Easter and add excitement to your child’s day.