6 Perfect Gifts to Bring to a Greek Easter Celebration

Discover the ideal gifts to honor the traditions of a Greek Easter celebration. From symbolic red eggs to homemade sweets, this guide provides thoughtful suggestions to help you choose the perfect offering.

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An array of six individual items typically given as gifts during Greek Easter celebrations. 1) A lush, colourful hand-woven Easter basket filled with painted eggs. 2) A vase of vibrant red poppies. 3) A traditional lamprokouloura – a Greek Easter cookie – carefully wrapped in parchment paper. 4) A beautifully crafted icon of the Anastasis. 5) A bottle of classic Greek red wine with an abstract label. 6) A homemade Tsoureki – a sweet Greek Easter brioche – tastefully packaged in a baker's box. The scene should be on a wooden table with an azure Mediterranean Sea background.

A Warm Introduction to Greek Easter Traditions

Easter in Greece is a wondrous affair, replete with ancient customs and vibrant celebrations. As the pinnacle of the Orthodox religious calendar, it greets the faithful with an array of colorful traditions and joyous festivities. Recognizing the importance of bringing an appropriate gift if you are invited to partake in these celebrations not only shows respect but also deepens your connection to these age-old traditions.

1. Red Easter Eggs (Kokkina Avga)

At the heart of the Greek Easter table are the red-painted eggs called ‘Kokkina Avga’, symbolizing the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A gift of homemade red eggs, presented in a beautiful basket or decorated carton, demonstrates reverence for this significant emblem. Consider including a small leaflet explaining the symbolism, showcasing your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

2. Sweet Easter Bread (Tsoureki)

The braided Easter bread known as ‘Tsoureki’ is a staple of seasonal Greek cuisine. Its sweet, brioche-like texture is the centerpiece of many holiday gatherings. Gifting a freshly-baked tsoureki, perhaps adorned with a well-crafted bow, sends a message of warmth and well-wishing to your hosts, enhancing the celebratory mood.

3. Greek Easter Candles (Lambades)

Light holds a special place in countless cultural ceremonies, and in Greece, ‘Lambades’, or traditional Easter candles, are lit during midnight church services. Offering hand-decorated lambades can be a special way to contribute to this luminous tradition, especially if the candles are tailored for children with ribbons and toys, or elegant and understated designs for adults.

4. Wine or Spirits

A bottle of fine Greek wine or local spirits is always a popular gift, indicative of communal joy and celebration. Selecting a bottle from a renowned Greek vineyard, or a traditional spirit like ouzo or tsipouro, echoes the festive spirit and provides a toast to the host’s hospitality.

5. Baklava or Other Sweets

With a culinary heritage steeped in rich flavors, offering a tray of baklava or other sumptuous Greek pastries is a delightful nod to the country’s gastronomic culture. These confections could be presented in an ornate box or on a decorative tray, embodying the merriment of the occasion.

6. Personalized Easter Decorations

To leave a lasting impression, consider gifting personalized Easter decorations. Perhaps a decorated pot with spring flowers, a set of handmade table linens, or a festive door wreath. Each gift can be a unique token of appreciation to your Greek hosts and a testament to the joy of the season.


When attending a Greek Easter celebration, the gifts you bring are emblematic of not just generosity, but also an appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions that make this holiday so special. By selecting any of these six perfect gifts, you convey a sense of respect and shared joy with your hosts, ensuring that your contribution to the feast is as memorable as it is heartfelt.

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