9 Customizable Gifts for Millennials Born in the 1990s

Explore our top picks for customizable gifts that cater to the unique tastes of millennials born in the 90s. From personalized music keepsakes to made-to-order jewelry, discover perfect, nostalgia-infused presents that resonate with this generation’s love for personalization and cherished moments.

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An array of nine different customizable gifts popular among millennials born in the 1990s. Picture 1: A sleek, modern, adjustable desk lamp with touch controls. Picture 2: A high-tech, wireless, over-ear headphone set. Picture 3: An eco-friendly, reusable coffee mug in pastel colors. Picture 4: A hip, canvas backpack with custom patch options. Picture 5: A personalized, engraved metal water bottle. Picture 6: A DIY terrarium kit with various types of plants. Picture 7: A retro-style, digital alarm clock with multiple alarm options. Picture 8: A mini portable Bluetooth speaker with customizable color panels. Picture 9: A vegan, cruelty-free makeup kit with assorted colors.


Millennials born in the 1990s grew up during a time of significant technological advancements and cultural shifts. The rise of the internet, the advent of social media, and the proliferation of unique subcultures have all shaped the preferences and lifestyle of this generation. Finding the perfect gift for a millennial might seem daunting, but personalized gifts that resonate with their individual experiences and preferences can make a lasting impact. This guide offers a curated list of 9 customizable gifts that both celebrate their nostalgia and acknowledge their modern lives.

1. Personalized Vinyl Record

Music is a universal love, and for many millennials, vinyl records hold a special place in their hearts. Customizable vinyl records, which can include a playlist of their favorite songs from the 90s, add a personal touch to a classic form of media. Companies now offer services that press personalized playlists onto records, complete with custom album covers and labels.

2. Custom Engraved Technology Accessories

In an era defined by rapid technological growth, tech accessories have become everyday essentials. Custom-engraved phone cases, laptop skins, or tablet covers can feature names, special dates, or quotes that resonate with the millennial ethos. You can find these at online retailers who specialize in laser engraving, offering a range of fonts and designs.

3. Customizable Sneaker Kits

The 90s saw the rise of sneaker culture, with iconic brands releasing some of the most memorable shoe designs in history. Gifting a custom sneaker kit allows the recipient to design their own footwear, reflecting their personal style. Kits can include paints, dyes, stencils, and tools to transform a pair of blank sneakers into a work of art.

4. Personalized Decorative Throw Pillows

Decor trends from the 90s, like bold colors and geometric patterns, are making a comeback. Customized throw pillows can capture this aesthetic while also including a personal twist such as a favorite quote, a significant date, or even a printed photo from a bygone era. These make for cozy home additions that are both chic and sentimental.

5. Custom Craft Beer or Wine Subscription

For the millennial who appreciates a good craft beer or a fine wine, consider a custom subscription service. Personalize their subscription based on taste preferences or opt for selections that have significance, such as brews from their college town or wines from regions they’ve traveled to.

6. Tailored Recipe Book

Many millennials have embraced cooking as a creative and practical skill. A tailored recipe book that includes family favorites, recipes from their childhood, or dishes inspired by 90s cuisine can be a unique and appreciated gift. Include notes and personal anecdotes to make it more special.

7. Custom Pet Portraits

The pet adoption trend has continued to grow with millennials. A custom pet portrait captures their beloved animal companion in a style that reflects the owner’s tastes, whether it’s reminiscent of 90s cartoons or a more modern aesthetic.

8. Made-to-Order Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless gift, and custom pieces can hold significant emotional value. Opt for handmade jewelry that includes birthstones, engraved dates, or coordinates of a meaningful place. Craftsmen can design these to match the recipient’s style, whether they prefer minimalist or statement pieces.

9. Custom Video Game or Movie Posters

The 90s was a golden era for video games and movies, with countless classics that remain beloved today. Custom posters allow for artistic iterations of favorite game covers or movie posters, tailored with the recipient’s name or a special message embedded in the design.


Customizable gifts offer a personal touch that off-the-shelf products simply cannot match. Millennials, with their varied and often nostalgic tastes, particularly appreciate gifts that cater to their individuality and experiences. These 9 customizable gifts will not only evoke memories of the 90s but also serve as cherished keepsakes for years to come.

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