9 Gifts to Encourage Outdoor Play for Kids

Discover ideas for gifts that encourage kids to play outside! This article introduces you to nine thoughtful and entertaining options that will inspire children to enjoy fresh air and nature through outdoor play.

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Illustrate an array of nine different outdoor play equipment used widely by children. All items should be visually distinct and appealing to make them desirable gifts for children. Include items such as: a brightly colored kite soaring in the clear blue sky, a shiny red bicycle propped against a tree in a summer park, a durable green and yellow soccer ball resting on lush green grass, a blue and white striped hammock tied between two sturdy trees, a whimsical tree house nestled among the rich foliage, a funky pair of roller skates, a wooden sandbox filled with playful molds, a skip rope painted in rainbow colors, and an orange and black basketball laid on a court. The scene should be depicted without any human figures.

Introduction to Outdoor Play for Kids

Outdoor play is not just fun for children; it’s also beneficial for their health, development, and well-being. Encouraging kids to engage in outdoor activities can promote physical activity, creativity, social skills, and connection to nature. As technology continues to draw children indoors, finding the perfect gift that will motivate them to explore the outside world can be a bit of a challenge. This in-depth guide will delve into nine thoughtful gifts that will not only delight children but also inspire them to play and learn outdoors.

1. Classic Bicycle

A bicycle stands as one of the most timeless gifts for encouraging outdoor play. It provides children the freedom to explore their neighborhood while improving their physical fitness. Whether it’s a bike with training wheels for younger kids or a mountain bike for the older ones, this gift is sure to encourage hours of outdoor fun and adventure.

2. Nature Explorer Kit

Awaken the inner naturalist in children by gifting a nature explorer kit. These kits typically include binoculars, magnifying glasses, insect-catching tools, and a guidebook to local flora and fauna. It’s an excellent way for kids to learn about nature and develop a love for the environment.

3. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment such as soccer balls, basketballs, or a set of junior golf clubs can foster a love for outdoor sports. They help improve hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and encourages healthy competition. Plus, it’s a great way for the entire family to stay active together.

4. Outdoor Chalk and Games

Sidewalk chalk isn’t just for drawing; it can be used to create a variety of games and activities. From hopscotch to four squares to obstacle courses, chalk encourages children to be creative and active outdoors.

5. A Sandbox or Water Table

A sandbox or water table can provide hours of sensory play for younger children. They can dig, build, and explore textures and properties of sand and water, stimulating their imagination and creativity in the fresh air.

6. Kite

Flying a kite is a classic outdoor activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. It teaches them about wind and weather, involves running and coordination, and there’s a thrill in watching a kite soar high up in the sky.

7. Portable Climbing Structures

For the little climbers, portable climbing structures or dome climbers can be an excellent addition to the backyard. They help develop gross motor skills, balance, and strength in a fun and challenging way.

8. Outdoor Craft Set

Encourage artistic skills with an outdoor craft set. Look for kits that can be used outside, such as those for making garden stones, birdhouses, or wind chimes. They provide a fun reason for kids to spend time outside and be creative.

9. Gardening Kit for Kids

Gardening is a relaxing and educational outdoor activity. A kid’s gardening kit with gloves, tools, and seeds can start a lifelong hobby. It also teaches patience, responsibility, and the cycle of life as they care for their plants and watch them grow.


Gifts that encourage outdoor play are not only enjoyable for kids but are also an investment in their health and education. These nine gift ideas offer a starting point for inspiring kids to step away from screens and enjoy the great outdoors. Let’s give children gifts that will keep them active, curious, and connected to the world around them.

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