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Present Ideas for an Armenian Vardavar Water Festival

Discover the perfect gifts for the Armenian Vardavar Water Festival, a day of fun, water, and cultural celebration. Get inspired with ideas for water guns, personalized items, and cultural artifacts that will make the festival unforgettable.

A bright, sunny scene depicting elements of the traditional Armenian Vardavar Water Festival. Imagine a sprawling countryside layout with towering mountains in the far distance. On a wooden table under a tree, visualize a variety of unique and interesting gift items, such as intricately decorated water bottles, colorful water guns, flower-shaped towels. Around, there could be floating water balloons and a large water bucket, symbolizing the water-filled spirit of the festival. Further, include festival specific elements like doves and roses but no human figures present. Color palette radiates merriment, excitement, and a strong sense of Armenian culture.

Introduction to Vardavar

Vardavar is a traditional Armenian festival that dates back to pagan times. Celebrated during the hot summer months, this festival is marked by its unique and joyous water-dousing activities. In modern times, Vardavar has combined its historical roots with Christian traditions and is celebrated 98 days (14 weeks) after Easter. As people young and old take to the streets to splash water on one another, it’s also an excellent opportunity to exchange gifts that embrace the spirit of this water festival.

Gift Ideas for Vardavar Enthusiasts

Choosing the right gift for Vardavar should not only capture the essence of the celebration but also add to the enjoyment of this festive occasion. Here is an extensive list of present ideas:

  • Water Guns: A classic choice, water guns come in various shapes and sizes, from small, easy-to-carry models to larger, more elaborate designs with backpack reservoirs.
  • Personalized Towels: Custom-made towels with Armenian motifs or personal messages make practical and sentimental gifts.
  • Waterproof Speakers: Keep the music going even amidst the splashing with a quality waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
  • Insulated Water Bottles: A double-walled water bottle can help stay hydrated, vital for a festival celebrated under the summer sun.
  • Eco-Friendly Water Balloons: For a more environmentally-friendly approach, opt for biodegradable water balloons.
  • Sunscreen and Skincare Kits: Sun protection is essential, so skincare products with high SPF will be much appreciated.

Remember to consider the preferences and personalities of the people you are gifting to enhance their Vardavar experience.

Authentic Armenian Presents

If you’re looking for something that highlights Armenian culture, consider these items:

  • Handcrafted Pottery: Beautifully crafted pottery pieces that reflect Armenian artistry could serve as both ornamental and practical presents.
  • Traditional Armenian Garments: Clothes with national symbols or traditional designs make for a wonderful and cultural gift.

Your gift can be a reminder of the rich history and traditions that the Vardavar festival embodies.

Creative DIY Gift Ideas

For a more personalized touch, here are some DIY ideas:

  • Customized Vardavar Buckets: Decorate buckets with paint and Armenian symbols, perfect for the water-throwing festivities.
  • Homemade Refreshing Treats: Prepare Armenian recipes for tasty treats that offer respite from the summer heat.

DIY gifts always carry a special sentimental value that store-bought items cannot match.


When it comes to choosing presents for the Vardavar festival, the most important aspect is to consider the enjoyment and cultural significance behind each gift. Whether it’s fun water-splashing tools, items that protect from the sun, or gifts that celebrate Armenian heritage, these presents are sure to make the Vardavar Water Festival an even more memorable occasion.

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