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Top 3 Audio Book Subscriptions for Individuals with Visual Impairments

Explore the top audio book subscription services designed to enrich the lives of individuals with visual impairments. Gain insight into the unique features that make Audible, Learning Ally, and Bookshare the go-to platforms for accessible reading and educational content.

Visualize a collection of symbolized audio books, perhaps showing headphones resting on them, highlighting the number '3' to symbolize ranking. Incorporate into the image three distinct markers, perhaps shapes or colours, to suggest different subscription service options. Lastly, include symbols or equipment that refer to visual impairments, perhaps a white cane or seeing-eye dog, suggesting the intended users. Make sure no person is visible in the composition and there's no text included.


As one of the most recognized names in the audiobook industry, Audible provides an extensive library surpassing 200,000 titles ranging from bestsellers to classics, and everything in between. Individuals with visual impairments can enjoy the convenience of accessing Audible’s content via various devices including smartphones, tablets, computers or Amazon Echo. Audible’s membership includes one credit per month (good for any title, regardless of price) and a 30% discount on additional books. Moreover, Audible offers Audible Sync, a program which donates free audiobooks to visually impaired students.

Learning Ally

Exclusively serving the community with dyslexia, blindness or other disabilities that prohibit reading traditional books, Learning Ally features a curated collection of educational and literature titles. Members have access to a myriad of resources, including human-narrated audiobooks and a suite of educational tools designed to support students with visual impairments. A subscription to Learning Ally can be a game-changer for academic progress and personal enjoyment of literature.


Bookshare opens up new opportunities with an expansive digital library for people with print reading disabilities. With Bookshare, users can download books, textbooks, and newspapers in a variety of formats such as audio, braille, or large print. This service is free for qualifying U.S. students and provides access to over 800,000 titles. Moreover, the reading material can be read on a wide range of devices, offering personalized reading experiences with adjustable fonts and specialized audio features.

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