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Things to Do in Newark California

Explore a variety of exciting activities and must-visit attractions in Newark, California, from picturesque parks to culinary delights. Discover what makes Newark a hidden gem in the Bay Area.

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Explore the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Start your adventure in Newark, California, with a visit to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. This expansive area covers multiple ecosystems and offers breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay.

You might be interested in guided tours that are available, which offer insights into the local wildlife and vegetation. This is a fantastic spot for bird watchers, thanks to the variety of migratory birds that stop here throughout the year. If you’re into hiking, there are plenty of trails to explore. The best time to visit is during the spring and fall when the weather is mild and the wildlife is most active.

Relax at the NewPark Mall

If shopping is more your speed, head over to NewPark Mall. This mall has a variety of stores ranging from popular retail chains to unique boutiques.

Along with shopping, you’ll find a range of dining options. You might want to stop at Cheesecake Factory or Olive Garden for a delightful meal. On weekends, the mall can get quite busy, so plan to visit during weekdays for a more relaxed experience.

Enjoy a Day at Newark Community Park

Another great outdoor spot to explore is Newark Community Park. This park features numerous amenities, including picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports facilities. It’s a great place for a family outing or a casual get-together with friends.

The park also has a community center that hosts events and classes throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to play a game of tennis or just relax under a tree, this park has something for everyone. For those interested in saving money, keep an eye out for free events hosted by the community center.

Savor Local Flavors at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

When it comes to dining, Newark has no shortage of great options. One standout is BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, known for its extensive menu and craft beers.

The restaurant is family-friendly and offers something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for pizza, burgers, or salads. If you’re a beer enthusiast, you’ll appreciate their selection of house-brewed beers. Visit during happy hour for attractive deals on drinks and appetizers.

Attend Seasonal Events at Civic Center Park

Civic Center Park is a central hub for community events throughout the year. From summer concerts to fall festivals, there’s always something happening here.

These events are a fantastic opportunity to experience the local culture and meet new people. Check the city’s website for a calendar of events so you don’t miss out on any of the fun activities.

Shop at the Newark Farmers Market

If you enjoy fresh produce and artisanal goods, make it a point to visit the Newark Farmers Market. It’s a lively place where you can find everything from organic vegetables to handmade crafts.

The market is open on Sundays and offers a great way to support local farmers and artisans. Arrive early for the best selection and to avoid the midday crowds.

Discover Historical Insights at the Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth

Just a short drive from Newark, the Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth offer a blend of recreation and history. The park is an excellent spot for a leisurely walk or a paddleboat ride on the lake.

There are historical markers throughout the park that provide information about the area’s past. It’s a serene place to spend an afternoon and learn a bit about local history. For those interested in more hidden features of parks, you might find some inspiration in checking out the undiscovered treasures in other parks.

Art enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to the Olive Hyde Art Gallery in nearby Fremont. The gallery showcases rotating exhibits of contemporary art from both local and international artists.

It’s a quiet, reflective space perfect for an afternoon of culture. Admission is generally free, but special exhibitions may have a small fee. Be sure to check their website for the latest exhibit information.

Get Active at SportsHouse

For those who enjoy staying active, SportsHouse is a fantastic facility offering a variety of sports and fitness activities. From soccer and basketball to yoga and dance classes, there’s something for everyone here.

It’s a great place to meet new people and stay fit. They often offer introductory rates and discounts, so it’s worth checking out their website for current deals.

Explore Hidden Gems at Mowry Plaza Shopping Center

If you prefer a more laid-back shopping experience, Mowry Plaza Shopping Center in nearby Fremont is worth a visit. This shopping center offers a range of specialty stores and dining options.

It’s less crowded than larger malls, making it a more relaxed shopping destination. For those interested in unique and unexplored spots, you may find the charm of these smaller centers similar to undiscovered treasures in other locations.

Embark on an Adventure with Bay Area Ridge Trail

If you enjoy hiking and stunning views, the Bay Area Ridge Trail is a must-visit. It offers a network of trails that span 550 miles around the Bay Area, including sections that are close to Newark.

These trails are well-maintained and perfect for all skill levels. You might want to bring a picnic and enjoy the scenic overlooks. The best times to explore are in the spring and fall when the weather is mild.

Unwind at Pappo’s Pizzeria & Pub

For a casual dining experience, head over to Pappo’s Pizzeria & Pub. It’s a local favorite known for its wood-fired pizzas and craft beers.

The relaxed atmosphere makes it a great spot for family dinners or catching up with friends. Be sure to try their specialty pizzas, like the Margherita or BBQ Chicken. They also offer happy hour specials, which can be a great way to save some money while enjoying quality food and drinks.

Visit the Eco Friendly Niles Canyon Railway

Just a short drive from Newark, Niles Canyon Railway offers a unique and eco-friendly travel experience. This historic railway operates vintage trains that take you on a scenic journey through the canyon.

It’s a fantastic activity for families and those interested in history and engineering. The train rides are especially popular during the holiday season when they offer themed events. People often say it’s like stepping back in time.

Explore the Culinary Delights of the Fremont Hub

The Fremont Hub is a bustling shopping center with a variety of dining options. Whether you’re in the mood for Asian cuisine at Gen Korean BBQ House or a classic American meal at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, there’s something for everyone.

It’s also a great place to catch a movie at the Century 25 Union Landing and XD theater. The Fremont Hub is busiest on weekends, so consider visiting during the weekdays for a more relaxed experience. If you’re exploring more hidden culinary spots, you might find some unique dishes similar to those at undiscovered local eateries.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Coyote Hills Regional Park

Nature lovers will appreciate Coyote Hills Regional Park. Located just a short drive from Newark, this park features rolling hills, marshes, and plenty of wildlife.

It’s a fantastic spot for hiking, bird watching, and even picnicking. The park also has educational programs and guided tours that provide insights into the local ecosystem. The best times to visit are early mornings or late afternoons to avoid the heat and crowds.

Discover Local Culture at the Fremont Festival of the Arts

The Fremont Festival of the Arts is one of the largest free street festivals in the Bay Area. Held annually in the summer, it features art, crafts, food, and entertainment.

It’s an excellent opportunity to experience the local culture and pick up unique handmade items. The festival can get quite crowded, so arrive early for the best experience. You can often find similar cultural immersion at other local events, much like the historical events in other areas.

Learn and Play at Ardenwood Historic Farm

Ardenwood Historic Farm offers a unique blend of history, agriculture, and recreation. This working farm operates as it did in the 19th century, providing educational programs and hands-on activities.

It’s a fantastic place for families, with opportunities to see farm animals, ride a train, and tour the historic Patterson House. The farm is open year-round, but some activities are seasonal, so check their website for the latest information.

Savor Fresh Seafood at Market Broiler

If you’re in the mood for seafood, Market Broiler in Fremont is a popular choice. Known for its fresh fish and shellfish, the restaurant offers a menu that caters to all tastes.

The casual atmosphere makes it great for a relaxed meal, and their seafood chowder is often praised. They also have a kids’ menu, making it a family-friendly spot. Visit during lunch hours for some great deals and a quieter dining experience.

Relax and Rejuvenate at Pure Organic Spa

For a day of relaxation, Pure Organic Spa in Fremont offers a range of treatments designed to rejuvenate your mind and body. From massages to facials, their services are top-notch.

The spa uses organic products, which is a bonus for those who prefer natural beauty treatments. Be sure to book an appointment in advance, as they are often fully booked.


  • Wide range of services
  • Use of organic products
  • Professional and friendly staff


  • Can be pricey
  • Need to book in advance

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Explore the Mysteries of Mystery House of San Jose

A short drive from Newark, the Mystery House of San Jose, also known as the Winchester Mystery House, offers a fascinating and eerie experience. This historic mansion, known for its architectural oddities, is a maze of rooms and hallways.

It’s said to be haunted, which adds an extra layer of intrigue. Guided tours take you through the mansion, sharing the history and legends associated with the property. The best time to visit is during off-peak hours to avoid large crowds.

Catch a Show at Broadway West Theatre Company

If you’re a fan of live theater, the Broadway West Theatre Company in Fremont offers a range of performances throughout the year. From classic plays to contemporary productions, there’s always something interesting on stage.

The intimate setting of the theater makes for a unique and engaging experience. Tickets can sell out quickly, so it’s a good idea to purchase them in advance.

Enjoy a Unique Dining Experience at Backyard Brew

For a more unconventional dining experience, visit Backyard Brew in Palo Alto, just a short drive from Newark. This open-air restaurant and beer garden offer a casual vibe with picnic tables and a rotating selection of food trucks.

The relaxed atmosphere makes it a great place to unwind with friends and family. They often have live music and events, adding to the lively ambiance. If you’re looking for unique dining spots, you might find some hidden gems similar to the exceptional brunch spots in other locations.

Explore the Tech Marvels at the Museum of American Heritage

Just a short drive from Newark, the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto offers a fascinating glimpse into the technological advancements that have shaped modern society. This museum features a variety of exhibits, from vintage electronics to historical inventions.

It’s a great place for both adults and children to learn about the evolution of technology. The museum often hosts special exhibitions and has educational programs that provide deeper insights into the history of innovation. Visiting during weekdays can give you a more relaxed experience, avoiding the weekend crowds.

Indulge in Sweet Treats at Le Moose Crepe Cafe

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to visit Le Moose Crepe Cafe in Fremont. This charming cafe specializes in both sweet and savory crepes, offering a wide variety of options.

It’s a cozy spot perfect for enjoying a light meal or an afternoon treat. Their Nutella and banana crepe is particularly popular among visitors. For a quieter experience, consider visiting in the early morning or late afternoon.

Experience Virtual Reality Adventures at Sandbox VR

For a truly immersive experience, head to Sandbox VR in nearby San Mateo. This state-of-the-art facility offers virtual reality adventures that transport you to different worlds.

Whether you’re battling zombies or exploring exotic locations, the experiences are highly interactive and engaging. It’s a fantastic activity for groups of friends or family outings. Booking in advance is recommended, as time slots can fill up quickly.

Unwind with a Cup of Coffee at Devout Coffee

Located in nearby Fremont, Devout Coffee offers a fantastic atmosphere for coffee lovers. This local coffee shop is known for its expertly brewed coffee and laid-back vibe.

It’s an ideal place to relax, catch up on some work, or simply enjoy a good book. Their outdoor seating area is particularly nice on sunny days. Don’t forget to try their seasonal specials for a unique coffee experience.

Discover the Magic of the Shoreline Amphitheatre

If you love live music, the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View is a must-visit. This large outdoor venue hosts a variety of concerts and events throughout the year.

The amphitheatre boasts a fantastic sound system and offers both lawn and reserved seating options. For the best experience, arrive early to find a good spot and enjoy the pre-show atmosphere. Keep an eye on their event schedule to catch your favorite artists.

Get Entertained at the Pacific Commons Shopping Center

The Pacific Commons Shopping Center in Fremont is more than just a shopping destination. Along with its wide array of stores, it offers various entertainment options like a movie theater and several dining establishments.

It’s a great place to spend an entire day, as you can shop, eat, and watch a movie all in one location. The center is busiest during weekends, so a midweek visit might provide a more relaxed experience. Consider checking out their events calendar for special promotions and activities.

Learn about Space at the Chabot Space & Science Center

A bit of a drive from Newark, but worth the trip, is the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland. This center offers numerous interactive exhibits about space and science.

It features a planetarium, observatories, and even space-related artifacts. It’s a fantastic educational experience for children and adults alike. The best time to visit is during the weekends when they offer special programs and events. If you’re interested in learning about unique educational experiences, you might find inspiration in exploring other top educational institutions.

Explore the Vibrant Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza

In nearby San Jose, the Mexican Heritage Plaza offers a rich cultural experience. This center features art exhibits, cultural events, and educational programs focused on Mexican heritage.

It’s a wonderful spot to learn about and appreciate Mexican culture. They often host community events, such as festivals and live performances. Visiting during one of these events can provide a more immersive experience. Check their calendar to plan your visit around their exciting programming.

Indulge in Fine Dining at La Boheme

For an unforgettable dining experience, head to La Boheme in nearby Palo Alto. This upscale restaurant is known for its elegant atmosphere and exquisite French cuisine.

It’s an ideal spot for celebrating special occasions or enjoying a romantic dinner. The menu features a variety of dishes, made with quality ingredients and beautifully presented. Be sure to make a reservation in advance, as this popular restaurant often fills up quickly.

Relax on a Bay Cruise from Jack London Square

For a scenic and relaxing activity, consider taking a bay cruise from Jack London Square in Oakland. These cruises offer stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and its iconic landmarks.

You can opt for a daytime sightseeing cruise or a romantic evening cruise with dinner. It’s a fantastic way to see the city from a different perspective. Booking your tickets in advance is recommended to ensure availability, especially during peak tourist season.

Explore Space Science at NASA Ames Exploration Center

A unique destination for science enthusiasts, the NASA Ames Exploration Center in Mountain View offers interactive exhibits about space exploration and NASA’s missions.

Visitors can learn about the latest advancements in space technology and even see a real moon rock. It’s an educational and inspiring experience for all ages. Admission is free, but you might want to check their website for any special events or temporary closures.

Treat Yourself at The Cheesecake Factory

For a delicious meal and a slice of mouth-watering cheesecake, visit The Cheesecake Factory at the NewPark Mall in Newark. Known for its extensive menu and decadent desserts, this restaurant is a crowd-pleaser.

Whether you’re craving pasta, burgers, or their famous cheesecake, there’s something for everyone. The restaurant tends to get busy during peak hours, so consider going during off-peak times for a more relaxed dining experience.

Visit the Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth

Another must-see spot near Newark is Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth. This large park features a beautiful lake, picnic areas, and plenty of walking trails.

It’s an excellent location for outdoor activities like paddle boating, bird watching, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk. The park also hosts various community events throughout the year, making it a vibrant place to visit at any time. If you’re someone who enjoys various outdoor spots, consider checking out the best trails in other regions for more inspiration.

Experience Modern Art at the San Jose Museum of Art

Located in downtown San Jose, the San Jose Museum of Art offers a diverse collection of contemporary and modern art. The museum features both permanent collections and rotating exhibitions, showcasing works from local and international artists.

It’s a great place to explore new art styles and gain fresh perspectives. Admission is often free on the first Friday of every month, making it an accessible cultural experience. Be sure to check their website for the latest exhibition information and special events.

Shop for Eclectic Finds at Treasure Island Flea Market

If you enjoy hunting for unique items, the Treasure Island Flea Market in San Francisco is the place to be. Held on the last weekend of every month, this market offers a wide variety of vintage goods, handmade crafts, and artisanal food.

The market also features live music, food trucks, and breathtaking views of the San Francisco skyline. Arrive early for the best selection and to avoid the midday crowds. It’s an excellent activity for a fun and relaxed weekend outing.

Enjoy a Relaxing Day at Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area

Just a short drive from Newark, Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area in Fremont offers a peaceful retreat for nature lovers. The park features scenic trails, fishing spots, and picnic areas.

It’s a fantastic place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy outdoor activities. The park is also dog-friendly, making it a great spot for pet owners. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to visit to avoid the heat and enjoy a quieter experience.

Unveil Art and Culture at the Cantor Arts Center

Located on the Stanford University campus, the Cantor Arts Center offers a rich collection of artworks from around the world. The museum features over 38,000 pieces, including contemporary and classical art.

It’s a wonderful place to spend a few hours exploring different art forms and gaining cultural insights. Admission is free, and the museum is open to the public. Be sure to check their event calendar for special exhibitions and educational programs.

Visit the Baylands Nature Preserve

For a truly serene experience, visit the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto. This expansive natural area features a variety of wildlife habitats, from tidal marshes to freshwater ponds.

It’s a fantastic spot for bird watching, walking, and picnicking. The peaceful environment makes it a great place to unwind and connect with nature. Early mornings are particularly beautiful, with stunning views of the sunrise over the bay.

Dine at the Classic Oren’s Hummus Shop

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, Oren’s Hummus Shop in Mountain View is a must-visit. Known for its authentic Israeli dishes, the restaurant offers a menu full of flavorful options.

From hummus platters to falafel and pita sandwiches, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The casual atmosphere makes it a great spot for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner. Their outdoor seating area is particularly nice on warm days.

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