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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Reviewed: Home Security Enhanced

Dive into our in-depth review of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, a cornerstone in smart home security offering keyless entry, remote access, and seamless integration with your smart home devices.

An intricately designed, round August Wi-Fi Smart Lock firmly placed on a wooden door. The smart lock is in a metallic grey color, with visible Wi-Fi symbols engraved on its side, indicating its modern technological feature. Light is slightly reflecting off the smooth surface of the lock. The wooden door is dark brown with elaborate carvings near the area where the lock is installed. The scene conveys a sense of enhanced security without the presence of any human figures.


The smart home revolution has been gaining momentum, and a centerpiece in the modern, connected home is smart security. Among the plethora of options available, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock stands out as an innovative solution to enhance your home security seamlessly. This comprehensive review will delve into the lock’s features, installation process, user experience, and how it stacks up against the competition.

Design and Build Quality

The latest iteration of the August Smart Lock boasts a sleek, compact design that is noticeably smaller than its predecessors. Sporting a sophisticated, circular shape, the lock’s build quality is top-notch, featuring durable materials that convey a sense of reliability. Its aesthetic appeal complements various door styles and its unobtrusive profile blends in rather than drawing attention.

Installation and Setup

Installation of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is straightforward, designed to be user-friendly. It conveniently attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door, allowing you to keep your original keys. The process is so simple that it often requires just a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time. Once installed, setting up the lock through the August app is a breeze, with clear instructions that guide you through connecting to your Wi-Fi network and configuring your settings.

Features and Functionality

Keyless entry is a flagship feature, enabling you to unlock your door with a smartphone. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi, which means remote access is possible without the need for an additional bridge. The Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock functionalities detect your arrival and departure, providing hands-free convenience. For shared access, virtual guest keys can be created, and you can monitor who comes and goes with a 24/7 activity feed. Compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri further integrates the lock into the smart home ecosystem.

Security and Privacy

The August Smart Lock does not compromise on security. With bank-grade encryption, the safety of your data is ensured. To counter concerns about smart lock hacking, August employs two-factor authentication and extra security measures like biometric verification for remote operations. The integration of DoorSense technology confirms that your door is both closed and locked, providing additional peace of mind.

Battery Life and Maintenance

Battery longevity is critical for smart locks, and the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock delivers on this front with an efficient power management system. It operates on two CR123 batteries, and the app conveniently notifies you when battery levels are low, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard. Regular maintenance is negligible, adding to the lock’s user-friendliness.

User Experience

Functionality extends to the digital realm through the August app, where managing your lock is intuitive and hassle-free. The interface is clean, responsive, and user-focused, with easy access to key features. The lock’s compatibility with third-party smart home devices and platforms allows for tailor-made scenarios to suit your lifestyle.

Comparison to Competitors

When compared to other smart locks on the market, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock holds its ground. Brands like Schlage and Yale offer similar products, but August’s native Wi-Fi connectivity and the ease of installation give it an edge. The competitive pricing and feature set make it a compelling choice for those looking to upgrade their home security system.

Customer Insights

Exploring customer reviews reveals a predominantly positive experience with the August Smart Lock. Satisfied users praise its reliability, ease of use, and integration capabilities. While some users have encountered connectivity issues, these are exceptions and often addressable through customer support or app updates.

Final Verdict

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a robust and stylish addition to any smart home, striking a balance between functionality, security, and convenience. Its user-friendly nature, combined with a strong feature set, positions it as a top contender in the smart lock industry, meriting consideration from anyone seeking to add smart security to their home.

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