10 Creative Gifts for a Dutch Kings Day (Koningsdag) Celebration

Discover the perfect presents to bring joy and merriment to any Koningsdag festivity. Our thoughtfully curated selection offers unique gift ideas that capture the essence of this vibrant Dutch holiday. Ignite the spirit of Kings Day with gifts that celebrate Dutch culture, tradition, and royal cheer.

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An illustration showcasing 10 creative gifts appropriate for a traditional Dutch Kings Day Celebration. 1) A vibrant orange tulip bouquet, 2) A cheese board loaded with Dutch gouda varieties, 3) A replica of a windmill paperweight, 4) Miniature wooden clogs painted orange, 5) A Delft blue ceramic vase, 6) A decorative Kings Day hat with plumes of feathers, 7) A collection of festive orange balloons, 8) A box of traditional Dutch stroopwafels, 9) A Dutch flag pendant, and 10) A festive orange and red Dutch-themed picnic blanket. Please ensure the image is without text and people.

Introduction to Koningsdag

Koningsdag or Kings Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands, celebrating the birth of King Willem-Alexander. It’s a day marked by nationwide festivities, orange decorations, and a cheerful spirit that engulfs the entire kingdom. Gifting is a part of the celebration, and finding the perfect present can be as joyful as the day itself.

1. Orange Clothing and Accessories

Nothing screams Koningsdag like the color orange. Gifting someone a vibrant orange clothing item or accessory such as a scarf, hat, or T-shirt infuses the celebratory spirit right into their wardrobe.

2. Dutch Themed Party Decor

Party decorations that feature the Dutch flag or royal symbols make for a wonderful gift that can be used to adorn any Koningsdag get-together.

3. Traditional Dutch Games

Consider gifting traditional Dutch games like ‘sjoelbak’ (a shuffleboard game) or ‘koekhappen’ (a game involving eating cake off a string without using hands) to create laughter-filled memories.

4. Orange Tulips

A bouquet of orange tulips not only aligns with the color theme but also celebrates the Netherlands’ renowned flower industry.

5. Dutch Snacks and Sweets

Dutch treats like stroopwafels, drop (liquorice), or a cheese platter featuring Gouda or Edam are delectable gifts that offer a taste of Holland.

6. Bicycle Accessories

With bicycling being a huge part of Dutch culture, bike accessories like bells, lights, or personalized seats make a practical and appreciated gift.

7. Orange Beverages

Gift a bottle of Oranjebitter, an orange liqueur, or create a personalized cocktail kit for making festive orange drinks.

8. Koningsdag Music Playlist or Album

A curated playlist of Dutch hits or an album from a popular Dutch artist can set the tone for any Kings Day celebration.

9. Historical Book or Documentary

A book or documentary about Dutch monarchy or the history of Koningsdag is a thoughtful gift for history loving friends and family.

10. DIY Orange Craft Kit

A craft kit with an orange theme, for making items like jewelry or home decor, encourages creativity and a personal touch to the holiday.


Choosing any of these 10 gifts will undoubtedly enhance the Koningsdag experience for your friends and family. Each gift helps to participate in the Dutch tradition, honor the spirit of the holiday, and enjoy the communal vibe that Kings Day is all about.

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