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10 Perfect Presents for a Canadian Indigenous Pow Wow

This guide offers an insightful look into the most suitable and respectful gifts to bring to a Canadian Indigenous Pow Wow, honoring traditional practices and supporting local Indigenous artisans.

A compilation of ten traditional presents for a Canadian Indigenous Pow Wow, without the presence of people. Picture 1: An intricately beaded pair of moccasins. Picture 2: A beautifully woven grass basket. Picture 3: An ornate dream catcher with feathers. Picture 4: A leather-bound drum with a wooden beater. Picture 5: A handcrafted pottery piece. Picture 6: A unique wooden totem pole pillar. Picture 7: A delicately crafted silver and turquoise jewelry. Picture 8: A traditional eagle feather headdress. Picture 9: A set of colourful indigenous dance clothes neatly folded. Picture 10: A painted canoe paddle.


Attending a Canadian Indigenous Pow Wow is an extraordinary opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant cultural heritage of Indigenous Peoples. It is a respectful and joyful event filled with dancing, singing, and celebration of traditions. When invited to such a momentous gathering, selecting suitable presents can be an important way to show respect and appreciation for the culture. This article will explore 10 ideal gifts to consider for your next attendance at a Pow Wow. These gifts are not just thoughtful, but they also support Indigenous communities and artisans, align with cultural practices, and foster a deeper understanding and connection with the host community.

Traditional Handcrafted Jewelry

Indigenous jewelry is not only beautiful but also holds significant cultural value. Gifting a piece of jewelry made by local Indigenous artisans can be a meaningful present. Look for items like beaded necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that demonstrate the intricate craftsmanship of the maker. Ensure that your purchase is from an authentic source to support the artists genuinely.

Regalia Accessories

Regalia are the ceremonial clothes worn during a Pow Wow, and accessories for regalia such as shawls, moccasins, or beaded headbands can be excellent gifts. These items are often personalized and can be custom ordered to fit the receiver’s style and needs. When selecting regalia accessories, consider consulting with the dancer on their preferences or engage with a knowledgeable artisan who can advise a respectful choice.

Art Prints or Sculptures

Art is a powerful representation of culture and history. Presenting a gift of Indigenous art, such as prints, paintings, or small sculptures, can be a splendid way to express admiration for Indigenous culture. Not only do such gifts support Indigenous artists, but they also allow the recipient to have a piece of cultural beauty that they can appreciate at home.

Local Harvested Tea or Medicinal Herbs

Indigenous cultures have a profound relationship with the land and its natural resources. A package of locally harvested tea or medicinal herbs is not only a healthy gift option but also an embodiment of traditional knowledge and practices. When selecting such presents, make sure they are sustainably sourced and respectfully harvested in accordance with traditional guidelines.

Storytelling Books by Indigenous Authors

Stories are an essential part of cultural transmission, and books by Indigenous authors offer authentic insights into the narrative traditions of Indigenous Peoples. Whether it is a collection of myths, legends, or contemporary stories, such literature enlightens readers and honors the voices of Indigenous storytellers.

Hand-Drum or Musical Instruments

Music is at the heart of a Pow Wow, and instruments like hand-drums play a pivotal role in the performances. A well-crafted drum, or other traditional musical instrument, made by Indigenous crafters can hold significant symbolic value and is used in many cultural ceremonies and celebrations.

Beadwork Kits or Craft Supplies

For the creative individuals or those interested in learning a traditional craft, beadwork kits or supplies for making regalia can be an inspiring gift. These kits often come with instructions and materials needed to create a piece of beadwork, enabling the recipient to engage hands-on with the cultural craft.

Indigenous Textiles

The vibrancy of Indigenous textiles, like woven blankets or scarves, not only keeps the tradition alive but also supports the crafters. When picking textiles, look for those that tell a story or are made using traditional methods, adding an extra layer of significance to the present.

Natural Soaps or Body Care

Gift natural body care products like soaps, lotions, or balms made with traditional ingredients. Such products, especially those created by Indigenous companies or artisans, offer a way to experience traditional remedies while supporting Indigenous businesses.

Donation in Their Name

If you want to make a gift that keeps on giving, consider a donation to a charity or initiative that supports Indigenous cultures, languages, or land rights. Making a donation in the name of the Pow Wow host or in honor of the Indigenous community can show deep respect and sincere allyship.


Choosing the perfect present for a Canadian Indigenous Pow Wow involves respecting the culture and supporting the local community. Each of these 10 gifts reflects a deep appreciation for Indigenous heritage and ensures that your contribution is thoughtful, meaningful, and welcomed. Remember, the best gift is one that comes from a place of respect and the desire to honor and uphold the traditions of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

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