7 Appropriate Gifts for a Nigerian Traditional Wedding

An essential guide outlining thoughtful and culturally-relevant gifts to present at a Nigerian traditional wedding, ensuring you honor the couple’s heritage and preferences.

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Visualize seven different and culturally apt gifts typically given at Nigerian traditional weddings. These may include a beautifully adorned calabash, a vibrant colored aso-oke, a string of ornate coral beads, a leather Kano cap, an intricately woven Ankara fabric, a bundle of lush kola nuts, and a gleaming brass Benin art sculpture. Care must be taken to ensure the image does not include any human figures or text.


Attending a Nigerian traditional wedding involves vibrant culture, rich traditions, and the fusion of family ties. Gifts are not just presents; they are a show of respect, support, and joy for the couple’s union. Understanding the nuances of what to give is essential in showing that you value their heritage and wish them well on their matrimonial journey.

Cultural Significance

Giving at a Nigerian wedding is deeply rooted in tradition. Each ethnic group, whether Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, or others, has its own customs that influence suitable gifts. It is advisable to be aware of these cultural considerations when choosing a gift.

Financial Contributions

Monetary gifts are welcomed and customary in Nigerian weddings. They aid the couple in starting their new life collectively. Such contributions may be given during the ‘spraying’ ceremony, where guests dance with the couple and shower them with naira notes.

Traditional Attires

Presenting traditional Nigerian attires as gifts symbolizes the value of the event. Aso Oke for Yoruba, Akwete for Igbo, and Babban Riga for Hausa weddings, are all thoughtful gifts. Ensure these are sourced from reputable local weavers.

Household Essentials

Basic household items are also practical gifts. High-quality cookware, dinner sets, or even electrical appliances will be appreciated. Consider items that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Art and Decor

Art pieces that reflect Nigerian culture add warmth and personality to the couple’s home. Local artifacts, sculptures, or paintings by Nigerian artists are gifts that also support the local art scene.


Gold, coral beads, and other traditional jewelry items are luxurious gifts. These not only act as fashion pieces but can be heirlooms passed down through generations, especially when they reflect the couple’s cultural background.

Customized Gifts

Personalized items such as engraved platters, photo albums, or customized home decor can add a personal touch to your gift. Ensure the customization is appropriate for a Nigerian traditional wedding.


In conclusion, a Nigerian traditional wedding is an opportunity to showcase respect and love through your gift. Choosing from the above aspects not only aids the couple but also honors the cultural tradition embedded in these ceremonies.

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