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Ricky Gervais’ Most Controversial Jokes

Explore the most shocking and polarizing jokes from comedian Ricky Gervais, as we delve into the humor that has sparked debates and divided audiences around the world.

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Ricky Gervais’ Beginnings in Comedy

Starting with stand-up in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Ricky Gervais quickly became known for his bold approach to humor.

His fearless style allowed him to address topics that most comedians avoid.

In “Animals” (2003), Gervais delivers memorable lines that have left audiences laughing and sometimes gasping.

  • “You think the animal kingdom is all lions roaring and giraffes… but it’s not. It’s mostly just insects having sex.”
  • “They say a dog’s a man’s best friend. If that’s the case, you’re facing some quite sad evenings.”

These jokes capture Gervais’ early style—unfiltered and often shocking.

By targeting topics as varied as the animal kingdom and human-animal relationships, Gervais established himself as a unique voice in comedy.

Gervais’ Controversial Approach to Religion

One of Ricky’s most controversial topics is religion. He often uses his platform to present his atheistic views.

In his show “Humanity” (2018), Gervais tackles the subject directly and unapologetically.

  • “I find the story of Noah’s Ark ridiculous. A man who lived to be 950 years old? How did he build a boat that big?”
  • “The idea of Jesus coming back sounds a bit like a horror movie: ‘Jesus is back and he’s not messing around this time.’”

Such jokes make it clear why Gervais is often seen as a polarizing figure.

While some may find his irreverence offensive, others appreciate his willingness to explore taboo subjects.

Politics in Gervais’ Comedy

Politics is another hot topic for Gervais. He isn’t shy about critiquing world leaders and political situations.

In his 2015 stand-up special “Politics,” Gervais addresses numerous political issues.

  • “I think the saddest thing is that everyone knows who the President of the United States is, but no one knows who the Dalai Lama is.”
  • “Politics is show business for ugly people.”

These lines illustrate Gervais’ perspective on global politics and his knack for pithy observations.

He often says what many people are thinking but don’t dare speak aloud.

Gervais on Celebrity Culture

Celebrity culture frequently finds itself in Ricky’s comedic crosshairs.

He often uses award shows as a stage to present some of his most biting critiques.

During the Golden Globes, he didn’t hesitate to poke fun at the stars in attendance.

  • “The world got to see James Corden as a fat pussy. He was also in the movie Cats.”
  • “Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and by the end, his date was too old for him.”

These jokes reflect his fearless attitude towards mocking those in the limelight.

By making fun of Hollywood’s quirks and hypocrisies, Gervais offers a refreshing—if harsh—take on celebrity life.

Personal Stories Intertwined with Comedy

Ricky often blends personal anecdotes into his comedy, making them both relatable and controversial.

These stories usually serve to underscore larger societal points.

In “Out of England” (2008), Gervais shares a variety of personal experiences.

  • “I had a bat come into my home once. I thought it was adorable until I realized it was flying around trying to suck my soul.”
  • “I was once mistaken for a drug dealer. I was flattered, then I realized it was because they thought I was unemployed.”

These personal stories add a layer of authenticity to his performance.

They often provoke laughter while also making the audience think deeply about societal norms.

Offbeat Health and Lifestyle Jokes

Ricky Gervais’ humor often dives into personal health and lifestyle, making these subjects both hilarious and thought-provoking.

In his “Science” (2010) tour, he had a field day with topics like obesity and healthy eating.

  • “I’m not saying it’s okay to be obese. I’m just saying it’s your right to be as fat as you like.”
  • “It’s not a diet if you’re eating the same amount of food but just separating it into six meals a day instead of three. That’s just two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners.”

These types of jokes not only bring laughter but also provoke conversations around societal habits.

It forces us to confront our own unhealthy lifestyle choices, but with a humorous twist.

How His Humor Resonates with Audiences

Part of what makes Ricky Gervais so compelling is how his humor resonates with the average person.

For example, he’s known for his takes on everyday life, making the mundane seem absurd.

One of his classics from many of his shows is:

  • “The best thing about getting older is that it doesn’t take long to turn off all the lights in the house and go to bed.”
  • “Whenever I’m in a hotel, I can’t resist taking their pens. It’s a thrill, like I’m some sort of pen-stealing renegade.”

Through jokes like these, Gervais taps into universal experiences, making them wildly relatable and extremely funny.

This relatability is what keeps audiences coming back for more, making him a staple in stand-up comedy.

What Sets Ricky Gervais Apart From Other Comedians

What truly sets Ricky Gervais apart is his daring approach and unapologetic delivery.

His humor is as direct as it is reflective, often acting as a mirror to society.

His jokes about social norms, ethics, and status quo are not only funny but thought-provoking.

  • “When I see someone point to their wrist and ask for the time, I always wonder what they’d do if they asked where the bathroom was.”
  • “There’s no such thing as a bad idea, just people who are bad at hearing ideas.”

Gervais has a knack for making people laugh while also challenging their views.

This balance of humor and introspection is what makes his comedy unique and unforgettable.

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The Darker Side: Death and Mortality Jokes

Ricky Gervais isn’t one to shy away from dark humor, especially on the topics of death and mortality.

In his “Deadly Serious” segment, Gervais addresses these taboo topics with a sharp, comedic edge.

He makes light of what many consider morbid, provoking a blend of laughter and discomfort.

  • “People who say, ‘My life flashed before my eyes,’ should realize that doesn’t mean anything. Your eyes can’t flash.”
  • “When I die, I want to go like my grandfather, peacefully in his sleep, not screaming like the passengers in his car.”

These jokes highlight how Gervais uses humor to explore and even cope with difficult subjects.

It’s a testament to his ability to tackle heavy themes while still keeping the audience engaged and laughing.

Exploring Human Flaws and Hypocrisy

Ricky Gervais excels at pointing out human flaws and societal hypocrisy.

His comedy often holds up a mirror to the audience, urging us to reflect on our own imperfections.

  • “Everyone wants to save the Earth; no one wants to help Mom do the dishes.”
  • “We spend the first two years of their lives trying to teach kids to walk and talk. Then for the next sixteen years, we tell them to sit down and shut up.”

These observational jokes resonate because they are grounded in everyday experiences and truths.

Gervais manages to find humor in the contradictions and absurdities of human behavior.

Jokes About Aging and Time

Aging and the passage of time are recurring themes in Gervais’ comedy, often turned into hilarious musings.

His reflections on getting older offer both wisdom and comedy, making audiences laugh while contemplating life’s journey.

  • “You know you’re getting old when it takes twice as long to look half as good.”
  • “If you could go back in time and meet your younger self, you’d probably be too embarrassed to speak to them.”

Through these jokes, Gervais makes the inevitability of aging something we can laugh about.

He often takes what could be a source of anxiety and turns it into a light-hearted moment.

The World of Work and Office Jokes

Ricky Gervais’ stint on “The Office” has given him ample material for work-related jokes.

His humor captures the often absurd reality of office life, from bothersome coworkers to pointless meetings.

  • “Teamwork is important; it allows you to blame someone else.”
  • “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

These quips are a reminder of Gervais’ comedic genius in transforming mundane office experiences into laugh-out-loud moments.

It’s this ability to find humor in the everyday that makes his work so relatable to a broad audience.

Technology and Modern Life

In an increasingly digital world, Gervais’ takes on technology are as timely as they are hilarious.

From social media to smartphones, he leaves no stone unturned.

  • “We used to have phones with cords and no idea who was calling. Now we have smartphones, and we’re still not any smarter.”
  • “Instagram is just Twitter for people who go outside.”

By poking fun at our tech-centric lives, Gervais encourages us to laugh at the very things that often consume us.

These jokes serve as a humorous critique of our modern-day obsessions.

Education and Learning

Educational settings and the concept of learning often find their way into Gervais’ humor.

He makes jokes about the irony and absurdity often found in academic environments.

  • “They say you learn something new every day. In school, it feels like you forget something new every day.”
  • “Why do we always forget the things we should remember, and remember the things we should forget?”

These jokes strike a chord because they tap into common experiences and frustrations with education.

As always, Gervais takes ordinary scenarios and turns them into comedic gold.

Marriage and Relationships

Marriage and relationships are fertile ground for Gervais’ comedy.

His jokes on these topics reveal the humor in love and companionship, often with a cynical twist.

  • “Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning, all you need are two hearts and a diamond. By the end, you’re looking for a club and a spade.”
  • “Arguments with your partner will go in circles. It starts with something small and ends with ‘Well, your mother…'”

These jokes are a testament to Gervais’ ability to find humor in everyday human experiences.

They resonate with anyone who has ever been in a close relationship.

Parental Experiences and Family Life

Parenting and family life provide ample material for Gervais’ comedic explorations.

His jokes often highlight the irony and challenges that come with raising children and family interactions.

  • “Having kids is like living in a frat house: Nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.”
  • “I never wanted to believe that my dad was stealing from his job as a traffic cop, but when I got home, all the signs were there.”

These quips are especially funny because they are grounded in shared experiences.

Gervais brings to light the humorous side of family dynamics.

Environmental Awareness and Nature Jokes

Environmental issues and nature-related themes also find their way into Gervais’ comedic repertoire.

These jokes often serve to lighten the serious conversation surrounding global ecological concerns.

  • “I’m not saying let’s go kill all the stupid people. I’m just saying let’s remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.”
  • “Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.”

By injecting humor into environmental discourse, Gervais makes serious topics more approachable and engaging.

This blend of humor and advocacy is yet another reason why his comedy stands out.

Daring Special Events and Public Appearances

Ricky Gervais’ public appearances, particularly his hosting gigs at awards shows, are legendary for their boldness.

These moments offer some of his most unforgettable and controversial jokes.

  • “I’m seeing you all getting your selfies and getting your cream and cheese. You just need to realize that if someone else was hosting, they’d be taking the same jokes from Twitter.”
  • “The greatest thing about hosting the Golden Globes is you get to insult the richest people in the world.”

These jokes exemplify the fearless nature of Gervais’ comedy.

By tackling the power dynamics in Hollywood, he offers a refreshing, albeit biting, critique of the industry’s elite.

Unexpected Moments of Empathy and Reflection

While Ricky Gervais is known for his often abrasive humor, there are moments when he displays surprising empathy and reflection.

These jokes provide a counterbalance to his usual style and show another dimension of his comedic genius.

  • “Every day of life is a gift. That’s why people ask for receipts.”
  • “The best way to handle life is to keep laughing. If you can’t laugh, you’re doing it wrong.”

These reflections resonate because they combine humor with genuine insights into the human condition.

It’s these moments of depth that make Gervais not just a comedian, but a humorist with something important to say.

Humor in the Face of Global Events

Ricky Gervais’ comedy also tackles major global events, providing a satirical take on world affairs.

His jokes on this subject often highlight the absurdities and contradictions present in global politics.

  • “The world is a scary place. Good thing we have leaders to make it scarier.”
  • “If aliens came down right now, the first thing they’d ask is ‘Who’s in charge here?’ and then they’d laugh at us.”

These jokes offer a comedic lens through which to view serious global issues.

By making light of these events, Gervais provides audiences a way to laugh in the face of uncertainty.

Final Thoughts on Gervais’ Impact

Ricky Gervais has carved out a unique space in the world of comedy with his fearless and provocative style.

His ability to make people laugh while making them think sets him apart from other comedians.

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Ricky Gervais: Controversial to the Core

Ricky Gervais is noted for going where few other comedians dare to tread.

He thrives on controversy, which is evident in his jokes about sensitive subjects.

By often tackling uncomfortable topics, he offers a unique blend of comedy and social commentary.

Why Gervais Jokes About Taboo Topics

Gervais often says that humor has no boundaries and that any subject can be a target for comedy.

He believes that poking fun at difficult subjects can sometimes help people process them.

His approach often involves bringing to light the absurdity of societal norms and taboos.

  • “What’s the worst that could happen if I say something offensive? You dislike it? Welcome to the club.”
  • “If you can’t laugh at the bad things, you’d have a lot less to laugh at.”

Pushing Boundaries on Social Issues

Gervais isn’t afraid to address controversial social issues, from racism to LGBTQ rights.

In his “Humanity” special, he delves into various social matters with bold humor.

  • “I can say that gender is a spectrum. It doesn’t mean you can become a different species.”
  • “Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Without it, there is no democracy.”

These jokes spark both laughter and conversations, challenging audiences to reflect on their beliefs.

It’s this very willingness to engage with sensitive topics that keeps his comedy fresh and relevant.

Tackling Politics with Bold Humor

Political satire is a constant theme in Ricky’s routines.

He humorously critiques government policies and political figures, offering a satirical viewpoint on current events.

  • “The irony of politics is that those who want power are the least suited to hold it.”
  • “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission, especially in politics.”

Gervais has a way of cutting through the political rhetoric, making the absurdities glaringly obvious.

By doing so, he encourages his audience to think critically about political landscapes.

Unfiltered Jokes on Awards Nights

Ricky’s hosting stints at award shows are legendary for their unfiltered and controversial humor.

His jokes often target the very celebrities he is presenting to, making for unforgettable moments.

  • “Remember, they’re just jokes. We’re all gonna die soon, and there’s no sequel.”
  • “You can’t be offended by what I say if you’re the one doing it. You have to sit there and take it.”

These moments leave audiences laughing, cringing, and talking long after the shows are over.

It’s this boldness that makes Gervais a standout figure in the comedy world.

Endearing Anomalies: Ricky’s Personal Life

Gervais often incorporates elements of his personal life into his comedy, making it relatable and hilarious.

From everyday annoyances to personal philosophies, his jokes reflect an everyman’s perspective.

  • “I see the world as divided into two camps: People who find me funny, and people who are wrong.”
  • “My philosophy is: If you can’t laugh at yourself, make fun of someone else.”

These personal touches reveal a different side of Gervais, balancing his more aggressive humor with relatability.

He effectively makes the ordinary seem extraordinary, offering a unique lens through which we view daily life.

Mental Health Jokes: Crossing the Line?

Mental health is another sensitive subject Gervais tackles, often sparking debate.

While some find his jokes on this topic offensive, others appreciate the way he brings it into the open.

  • “They say laughter is the best medicine, unless you’re diagnosing a mental health issue.”
  • “You think talking about your mental health issues will help? How about not being so weird, then?”

These jokes highlight the fine line Gervais walks between irreverence and raising awareness.

While audiences may leave divided, they are seldom indifferent to his approach.

Self-Deprecation as a Shield

Some of Ricky’s funniest moments come from self-deprecation.

By making himself the butt of the joke, he creates a rapport with the audience, making his more controversial material easier to swallow.

  • “The older I get, the more I realize I have no idea what I’m doing. Anyone else?”
  • “I’m basically just a fat bloke who’s good at once-removed sarcasm.”

This strategy makes his comedy accessible and relatable, encouraging audiences to laugh at their own flaws.

It also serves as a counterbalance to his more aggressive material, rounding out his comedic style.

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In summary, Ricky Gervais stands out for his fearless approach to comedy, his knack for making the controversial thought-provoking, and his ability to bring humor to even the darkest topics.

If you’re someone who appreciates humor that makes you laugh and think, Gervais is undoubtedly a comedian worth following.

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