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Things to Do in Loma Linda California

Discover the best attractions, activities, and hidden gems that Loma Linda, California has to offer. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this guide will help you make the most of your time in this charming city.

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Explore Loma Linda University and Its Campus Attractions

One of the must-visit spots in Loma Linda is the Loma Linda University. Known for its focus on health and wellness, this university offers various attractions and events throughout the year.

The campus features beautiful gardens and architectural buildings worth exploring. You can visit the Loma Linda University Church to experience its grand architecture and serene environment.

If you are interested in health sciences, the university’s medical center often hosts health fairs and educational seminars. These events are great opportunities to learn more about health and wellness from experts in the field.

Visit the Loma Linda Market and Discover Local Products

The Loma Linda Market is an integral part of Loma Linda’s community life. This local gem offers a variety of organic and natural products that you might be interested in.

From fresh produce to specialty foods, the market is a great place to experience the local flavor. It’s open year-round, with peak times being in the morning when you’ll find the freshest selections.

Many locals rave about the quality of the products here, especially the organic fruits and vegetables. Consider visiting during weekdays to avoid the weekend rush and snag the best deals.

Experience the Hulda Crooks Park for Outdoor Activities

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, Hulda Crooks Park is a perfect destination. Named after the famous hiker Hulda Crooks, the park offers numerous trails and recreational areas.

Hiking enthusiasts will love the well-maintained trails suitable for all skill levels. There’s also a children’s playground, picnic areas, and sports fields for a day full of family fun.

For those into mountain biking, the park’s terrain provides an exciting challenge. Early mornings or late afternoons are the best times to visit to avoid the mid-day heat.

Savor Healthy Eats at Local Restaurants

Loma Linda is renowned for its healthy and diverse food options. Several local eateries focus on vegetarian and plant-based dishes that you might want to try.

One popular spot is the Natural Food Café, known for its delicious vegetarian meals and smoothies. It’s a favorite among both locals and visitors for its fresh ingredients and cozy atmosphere.

Another great option is the Pita Pockets Mediterranean Grill. They offer a range of healthy Mediterranean dishes that are both flavorful and nutritious.

Consider visiting these spots during lunch hours for the best meal deals and a chance to mingle with the local crowd.

Enjoy Community Events and Cultural Activities

Throughout the year, Loma Linda hosts various community events and cultural activities that you might enjoy attending. These events offer a glimpse into the local culture and provide entertainment for all ages.

The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony is a heartwarming event that brings the community together. It’s said that people enjoy the festive activities, including caroling and holiday crafts.

In spring, the Earth Day Celebration at Nichol Hall promotes environmental awareness with fun activities and informational booths. It’s a wonderful event for families and environmental enthusiasts alike.

Discover Historical Landmarks and Museums

For history buffs, Loma Linda offers several landmarks and museums worth exploring. The Heritage Library and Museum is an excellent place to start.

This museum provides insights into the area’s history, featuring artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of Loma Linda’s development. It’s a quiet spot that’s perfect for an educational afternoon.

Another notable mention is the Mother Joseph Statue, paying tribute to an influential early settler and healthcare advocate. Visiting these landmarks can give you a deeper appreciation of the town’s rich history.

Relish Outdoor Markets and Shopping Areas

Loma Linda’s outdoor markets and shopping areas are vibrant places to explore. The city’s farmers’ market is particularly popular for its wide array of local produce and crafts.

Held on weekends, the farmers’ market is a bustling spot where you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade goods. It’s a delightful way to spend a morning while supporting local farmers.

The Citrus Plaza Shopping Center is another great place for retail therapy. With various stores, eateries, and entertainment options, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Visiting these spots can offer a fun and fulfilling shopping experience while enjoying the local community vibe.

Explore the San Bernardino National Forest

If you’re craving some adventure, the nearby San Bernardino National Forest offers a plethora of outdoor activities just a short drive from Loma Linda.

This expansive forest is perfect for hiking, camping, and even off-road vehicle trails. The scenic views and diverse wildlife make it a fantastic getaway for nature enthusiasts.

For a day hike, consider the Castle Rock Trail. It offers stunning views and a moderate challenge, making it suitable for most hikers.

Camping is another popular activity here, with several well-equipped campgrounds like the Barton Flats Campground. It’s best to book in advance during peak seasons to secure your spot.

The forest is also a great spot for bird watching. Early mornings provide the best opportunities to see various bird species in their natural habitat.

Participate in Community Fitness Classes

Fitness is a big part of the Loma Linda lifestyle, and there are numerous community fitness classes available that you might enjoy.

The Drayson Center offers a variety of classes ranging from yoga to high-intensity interval training. It’s a comprehensive fitness center with something for everyone.

The campus also features an Olympic-sized swimming pool, gym, and racquetball courts. Memberships are available, but day passes can also be purchased for those just visiting.

If you prefer outdoor workouts, the center often hosts boot camps and running clubs. These sessions are a great way to stay fit while enjoying the beautiful Loma Linda weather.

A lot of people say that the yoga classes here are top-notch and provide a great way to de-stress after a long day.

Walk or Bike the Santa Ana River Trail

The Santa Ana River Trail is a fantastic option for walking or biking. Stretching over 100 miles, it’s one of the longest multi-use trails in Southern California.

This trail offers scenic views of the river and is well-maintained, making it perfect for both casual strolls and intense workouts.

Starting your journey from the Loma Linda area, you can enjoy a peaceful ride or walk along the riverbanks. It’s also a popular spot for dog walkers and families.

Weekday mornings are the best time to visit this trail to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more serene experience.

Consider bringing a picnic to enjoy by the river, as there are several lovely spots along the way.

Educational Programs and Interactive Exhibits at the Discovery Museum

If you have kids or just love learning new things, the San Bernardino County Museum is a great place to spend a few hours.

This museum features interactive exhibits on natural history, anthropology, and cultural heritage. It’s engaging for visitors of all ages.

A lot of parents mention that the educational programs here are excellent for children, making learning fun and impactful.

The museum also hosts various events throughout the year, including special exhibitions and hands-on workshops.

Weekends can get quite busy, so consider visiting during the week for a more relaxed experience.

Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Day

After all that exploring and adventure, a relaxing spa day could be just what you need. Loma Linda offers several excellent spa options that you might want to check out.

The Hydration Room is a popular spot offering IV and vitamin therapy. It’s a unique wellness approach that focuses on revitalizing your body from the inside out.

Another favorite is the Kelly’s Spa at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa. They offer a wide range of treatments, from massages to facials, in a luxurious setting.

Many people find that the massages here are exceptionally soothing, making it a top choice for unwinding and de-stressing.

It’s best to book your appointments in advance, especially on weekends, to ensure you get your preferred time slot.

Explore Local Art and Culture at the Redlands Art Association

Art lovers will appreciate a visit to the nearby Redlands Art Association. This center is dedicated to promoting local artists and providing art education to the community.

They feature rotating exhibitions showcasing the work of both emerging and established artists. It’s a great way to support local talent and maybe even find a piece to take home.

The association also offers classes and workshops for all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, you’ll find something that piques your interest.

Their annual art show is a highlight and draws artists and art enthusiasts from all over Southern California.

Consider visiting during one of their event nights to experience the vibrant local art scene and meet the artists behind the works.

Attend Culinary Classes for a Fun Learning Experience

If you’re interested in cooking, Loma Linda has some fantastic culinary classes that might catch your eye. Cooking with Class in nearby Redlands offers a variety of workshops from baking to gourmet cooking.

These classes are hands-on and perfect for both beginners and experienced cooks. You get to learn new recipes and techniques while having a lot of fun.

Many participants mention that these workshops are a great way to meet new people and develop your culinary skills.

The kitchen is state-of-the-art, and the instructors are passionate about what they do, making each class an enjoyable experience.

Booking in advance is recommended, especially for popular classes which tend to fill up quickly.

Enjoy Local Coffee Shops and Cafés

Every great town has its share of cozy coffee shops and Loma Linda is no different. These spots are perfect for grabbing a delicious cup of coffee and relaxing with a book or catching up with friends.

Martha Green’s Eating Room offers a charming atmosphere and exceptional coffee. People rave about their house-made pastries and friendly service.

Another favorite is Stell Coffee & Tea. Known for their artisanal coffee and tea selections, it’s a must-visit for any caffeine enthusiast.

Both of these spots provide a cozy environment ideal for studying, working remotely, or simply enjoying some downtime with a good cup of coffee.

Weekdays are typically less crowded, offering a more relaxed vibe compared to the bustling weekends.

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Explore Local Boutiques and Unique Shops

For those who love to shop, Loma Linda offers an array of unique boutiques and local shops that you might find intriguing.

One standout is Lavender Hill Boutique, which features chic clothing, accessories, and home decor. Their curated selection is perfect for finding unique gifts or treating yourself to something special.

Another gem is The Treasure Box, a vintage store filled with antiques and collectibles. It’s a treasure trove of fascinating items and a fun place to explore.

Weekdays are generally quieter, allowing for a more relaxed shopping experience. Be sure to check for seasonal sales for the best deals.

Attend Various Festivals and Fairs

Loma Linda hosts a variety of festivals and fairs throughout the year that you might enjoy. These events provide entertainment and a wonderful way to experience the local culture.

The Annual Spring Health Festival held at the Loma Linda University Health Fairgrounds features health screenings, workshops, and fun activities for all ages.

In the fall, the Loma Linda Chamber of Commerce organizes a Harvest Festival with live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities. It’s a lively event that’s said to bring the community together.

These festivals often feature local vendors, making them great opportunities to try new foods and buy artisanal products.

Explore Local Parks and Family-Friendly Spots

When it comes to family-friendly attractions, Loma Linda has several parks and recreational spots perfect for a day out with the kids.

Brookside Park is a popular choice, featuring playgrounds, picnic areas, and a splash pad for those warm summer days. Families appreciate the well-maintained facilities and safe environment.

For a more natural setting, check out the Hulda Crooks Park. With its hiking trails and open space, it’s ideal for both exercise and relaxation.

These parks often host community events, so you might want to keep an eye on local listings for family fun days or outdoor movie nights.

Enjoy a Round of Golf at Local Courses

For golf enthusiasts, Loma Linda offers several top-tier golfing options that you might find appealing.

The Loma Linda Golf Club is a well-maintained 18-hole course that provides a challenging yet enjoyable experience. It’s open to the public, and the greens are known for their excellent condition.

Another great choice is the Redlands Country Club, which features a stunning course and impressive facilities. It’s a private club, but they do offer guest passes for those interested in a round of elite golfing.

Both courses are best visited early in the morning to avoid the afternoon crowds and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Volunteer at Local Organizations

Giving back is a significant part of the Loma Linda lifestyle, and there are numerous opportunities to volunteer within the community. This can be a enriching experience if you enjoy helping others.

The Loma Linda University Volunteer Services offers various programs where you can contribute your time and skills. These include hospital volunteering, assisting at community events, and more.

Another notable organization is the Redlands Family Services Association, which provides support to families in need. Volunteer opportunities range from food distribution to educational tutoring.

Volunteering not only helps the community but also allows you to meet new people and build meaningful connections.

Relax at Local Gardens and Nature Centers

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape, Loma Linda’s gardens and nature centers might be the perfect retreat.

The Garden of Peace at the Loma Linda University campus offers a serene environment with beautiful landscaping and peaceful walkways. It’s an ideal spot for quiet reflection or meditation.

The Hidden Valley Nature Center, located just a short drive away, features scenic trails and a visitor center with educational exhibits about local wildlife and ecosystems.

Weekday mornings are the best time to visit for a more serene experience, as weekends can get busier with families and larger groups.

Take Part in Cooking Classes and Culinary Workshops

Elevate your culinary skills with cooking classes available in the area. These sessions are geared toward both beginners and experienced cooks, offering a fun and educational experience.

Cooking with Class, located in nearby Redlands, provides various workshops ranging from basic cooking techniques to gourmet specialties. The hands-on classes are a hit among participants.

You might also enjoy the culinary workshops at Le Gourmet Culinary, known for their engaging instructors and comprehensive classes covering different cuisines and cooking styles.

Booking in advance is recommended as these popular classes often fill up quickly, especially on weekends.

Take a Scenic Drive on Route 66

For a nostalgic and scenic adventure, consider taking a drive along Route 66. This historic route offers beautiful views and interesting stops along the way.

Starting your journey in Loma Linda, you can head east towards San Bernardino, where you’ll find attractions like the original Wigwam Motel and the historic Santa Fe Depot.

The drive is perfect for a leisurely day trip, offering plenty of photo opportunities and quaint diners where you can stop for a bite to eat.

Weekdays are typically less crowded, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable drive without the weekend traffic.

Plan a Day Trip to Nearby Attractions

Loma Linda’s central location makes it an excellent base for day trips to various nearby attractions. These excursions can offer exciting and diverse experiences.

One popular destination is Big Bear Lake, known for its stunning scenery and abundance of outdoor activities like boating, fishing, and hiking.

Another great option is Joshua Tree National Park, famous for its unique rock formations and iconic Joshua Trees. It’s a haven for rock climbers and nature enthusiasts.

Both destinations are within a couple of hours’ drive, making them perfect for a day trip packed with adventure and natural beauty.

Attend Film Screenings and Cultural Nights

Film enthusiasts will appreciate the various film screenings and cultural nights offered in the area. These events provide a chance to enjoy unique cinematic experiences and learn about different cultures.

The Redlands Fox Theatre hosts classic film nights and live performances. It’s a beloved venue with a vintage charm that adds to the overall experience.

There are also community centers in Loma Linda that frequently host international movie nights and cultural appreciation events. These screenings are often followed by discussions, offering a deeper understanding of the films.

Check local listings for upcoming events and consider attending on weeknights to avoid the larger weekend crowds.

Experience the Nightlife in Loma Linda

While Loma Linda is known for its serene and health-focused lifestyle, it also offers a variety of nightlife options that you might find interesting.

The Vault Martini Bar in nearby Redlands is a popular spot for its craft cocktails and lively atmosphere. It’s a sophisticated yet relaxed venue perfect for a night out.

For a more laid-back evening, you can visit Escape Craft Brewery. They offer a range of locally brewed beers and often host live music and trivia nights.

These venues provide excellent opportunities to unwind and enjoy the local nightlife scene. Visiting on weekdays can offer a more relaxed experience, as weekends tend to be busier.

Plan Your Visit According to the Best Seasons

If you’re planning a visit to Loma Linda, timing can make a big difference in your experience. Knowing the best times to go can help you avoid crowds and enjoy pleasant weather.

The spring and fall seasons are ideal for visiting Loma Linda. The temperatures are mild, and you won’t have to deal with the intense summer heat.

Winter can also be a great time to visit, especially if you enjoy cooler weather and holiday events. The festive atmosphere during this season is enjoyable for all ages.

Consider booking accommodations and activities in advance during peak travel seasons to secure the best options and avoid last-minute hassles. Planning your trip around local events and festivals can also enhance your visit, offering more opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture.

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